Dr. E. Beverly Young is a practitioner specializing in curriculum development for police and law enforcement. Instructor and Professional Development courses. If she had to identify a research focus when developing courses, her interest centers on human relations skills, more specifically on impartial policing, cultural competency, religious diversity, oral and written communication skills. Career milestones undergirding this foundation include numerous years of service as a municipal police officer and commander for the Temple University Police Department in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, certified under the Municipal Police Education and Training Act (Act 120). Career portfolio includes police instructor certification, teaching in-service, instructor development and professional development classes to personnel representing various ranks and positions within the organizational hierarchy. She continued a career in policing in a training and administrative capacity with the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission under the Pennsylvania State Police until retirement in 2014. As a member of the Commission staff, her duties focused on ensuring compliance with statutes and regulations governing certification of police officers, police academies and instructors.


Dr. Young’s professional repertoire includes serving as the Right-to-Know Law Liaison for the Commission, Subpoena Coordinator, EEO Liaison, mentoring, adjunct faculty teaching, advisory board membership and public speaking. Dr. Young holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Adult Education Leadership from Walden University (Minneapolis, MN), masters and baccalaureate degrees from Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) and continues research related activities to stay current as an adult education practitioner, consultant and social change agent.